What do you mean Spiritual?

Spirituality, simply stated, can be defined as a state or quality of being in which life and reality are no longer conceived or experienced as just physical or in the material realm. Instead, via the illumination of the heart and/or intuition, we begin to recognize or feel there are intangible principles that give shape, meaning, value or purpose to the universe and to life. We begin to see evidence of an essential interdependence of all things — a life force, the essence of which we do not fully comprehend, that gives rise to the harmony and dynamic balance of the universe. We slowly begin to see that we are connected to our Higher Power, others and to ourselves by way of this powerful life force. We discover that we are no longer alone.

Spirituality is experienced; it is not dogmas or creeds or moral codes. Instead, it is a quality that infuses life. It moves us in our quest for wholeness. This spirituality avails us of a life force energy that can rebuild our damaged lives, no matter how severely we may have been hurt or neglected in growing up in a dysfunctional family system.

It is this same life force that has somehow held us together even under the most adverse conditions and that brought us to this moment, this opportunity to heal. This life force provides us with healing powers through which we gently put our live back together; through cultivating this spiritual power, we come to feel centered within ourselves.

Spirituality is available to all. We need to avail ourselves of the guidance and healing power that it offers. It has protected many of us from total destruction without our conscious cooperation. In recovery, this life force needs our cooperation if we are to realize its full healing and integrative powers.

Spirituality gives shape and direction to our lives. It fosters ideals, positive change and self discovery. In the spiritual realm, we begin to see that we are inherently good, and that a Higher Power nurtures and guides our lives.

Spirituality provides answers to the perplexing questions of our origins, our purpose, or destinies. Spirituality gives meaning and director to our lives. For the purpose of adult children specifically, spirituality provides a gentle way of healing to our inner child’s past, and of release our child’s burden of guilt, shame, anger or the shock of abandonment s/he experienced.

Mark L., Hartford, Connecticut.